"You Cannot Spoof A Snoof!"

Chapter book COMING SOON!


After school, Winifred plants a cupcake in a pot in hopes to grow a tree that will give her an endless supply of cakes to sell and snack on. Expecting to see the cupcake starting to sprout and grow, she ends up nose to nose with a furry little “Snoof” creature that hatched from inside the buried dessert. The cupcake craving creatures take over the house, so she corrals the Snoofs and they work together and create the best cupcake bakery in the world!

Exploring the value of a positive “can-do” attitude when faced with things not going as planned, and a humorous take on what it means to be a creative leader.

In the series, these little characters called Snoofs, are mischievous creatures and their greatest asset is their diversity. No two Snoof look the same.